Zombie VR

Free Roam

Does your heart beat faster from Zombies ?!

The Undead have returned, but this time horribly real.
Experience the zombies up close with your friends in VR, but be careful!

The revenge-hungry zombies are more than happy to rush towards you and can also be very big and fast. Teamwork is of great importance. Shoot, because the zombies are not afraid of a warning shot.

Are you ready?
Per session, groups in teams of two to four people can simultaneously participate in the Free Roam Zombie VR Experience. You can see, hear and feel each other in the game. Every move you make in the real world is translated into the virtual world.

Each player will receive a Backpack gaming PC, a VR headset, headphones and controllers. Before the experience starts, the group will receive detailed instructions about the operation of our equipment and the playing environment.
2-10 players

EUR 50,- p.p.

40-75 MIN