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What are the opening hours?
We are open every day of the week. Also on Holidays!

VRGH Arena - Amsterdam Westpoort: (Gyroscoopweg 102, 1042 AX Amsterdam)

Ma: 13:00-19:00 uur
Di: 13:00-21:00 uur
Wo: 13:00-21:00 uur
Do: 13:00-21:00 uur
Vr: 13:00-21:00 uur
Za: 13:00-21:00 uur
Zo: 13:00-19:00 uur
Do I have to make a reservation?
VRGH Arena - Amsterdam Westpoort: (Gyroscoopweg 102, 1042 AX Amsterdam)

At VRGH Arena it is advisable to make a reservation because we have a busy occupation, but it is not mandatory.
To make a reservation you can use the following link:

VRGH Arcade - Amsterdam City Center: (Warmoesstraat 155, 1012 JC Amsterdam Amsterdam):

At VRGH Arcade it is advisable to make a reservation, but it is not mandatory.
To make a reservation you can use the following link:
Where is VR Gamehouse Arena?
Our address is Gyroscoopweg 102, 1042, AX Amsterdam. We are located near the Sloterdijk Station in Amsterdam Westpoort
Is this your only location?
We also have a 2nd location in the center of Amsterdam VRGH Arcade City Center.
Warmoesstraat 155, 1012jc, Amsterdam.

For more information visit our VRGH Arcade Website.
At this location we offer High-end Arcade VR and DO NOT offer Full Body Free Roam VR.
How large is the VRGH Arena location?
Our location is 400 m2 full of VR and non-VR entertainment.
What happens when I make a booking and I can not come anymore. Will I get my money back?
Unfortunately it is not possible for us to cancel a booking and get a refund.

In some instances it is possible to get a Gift Voucher.
Is Virtual Reality dangerous? Can I walk into a wall or hurt myself?
No, virtual reality is very safe. You will receive a safety briefing before you start to play. Here all the rules are explained so that you have a safe and pleasant experience.

As soon as you put on the VR headset and walk too far out of the play area, you will receive a message indicating that you have to walk back to the center of the play area.
I wear glasses. Can I keep these on during my VR experience?
Yes, you can just keep your glasses on. Almost all glasses fit in our VR headsets.
Do you have parking space?
Yes, you can park in front of the door for free.
Can I buy drinks at the venue?
Yes we sell drinks and snacks at the venue. We also have catering options, for more information feel free to contact us.
In addition to providing great virtual game rooms, we also provide more conceptual services. We can also create our virtual experiences on location, with which we offer corporates the opportunity to use VR for commercial purposes.

By constantly innovating, continuing to respond to technological developments and keeping a close eye on trends within the entertainment industry, our customers get the newest of the newest every time.
About Virtual Reality
Which VR Experiences do you offer at VRGH Arena?
At VRGH Arena we offer the following VR Experiences:

  • Full Body Free Roam VR
  • VR Lasergame
  • VR Zombie Arena
  • VR Escape Room
  • VR Combo
  • VR Racing
On this page you will find more informatie about all our VR Experiences!
What is Full Body Free Roam VR?
Full Body Free Roam VR is a Experiences where you can use your entire body in virtual reality. Your body is scanned by the 36 Motion Capture cameras that hang around the playing field. These are used to create a digital avatar of your body.

You get special sensors on your hands, feet, head and back. These sensors record your every movements inside the game. . Every movement / step you make in the physical world is translated to the virtual world.

We are the only Virtual Reality provider in the Benelux that offer this unique experience!
How many people can experience Full Body Free Roam VR at the same time?
5 Players can experience Full Body Free Roam VR at the same time. A session takes around 45 to 50 minutes and consists of 2 different VR games.

For example; if you are with a group of 8 players? Thats no problem! In this case we divide the group in two:

The first group of 4 players starts with the Full Body Free Roam VR Experience while the other 4 players, wait while relaxing on our sofa, watching their friends play on our large TV screens, have a drink or play on the air hockey, table football and pool table that are present at the venue.

As soon as the first group finishes we swap them with the players that were waiting.
Are you the only provider of Full Body Free Roam VR in the Netherlands?
Yes, we are not only the only Full Body Free Roam VR providers in the Netherlands.
We are the only one in the Benelux!
Is there anything else to do next to Virtual Reality?
VR Gamehouse Arena is a Entertainment Center. We offer much more besides virtual reality!
- Fusball
- Air hockey
- Pool
- XXL Jenga
- Board games
- Retro Arcade games
- Boxing Machine
- Outside terrace
Is there an age restriction for a VR Free roam experience?
- Full Body Free Roam VR (from 13 years)
- VR Laser Game (from 13 years)
- VR Zombie Arena (from 12 years)
- VR Escape Room (from 8 years)
- VR Combo (from 7 years)
- VR Racing (from 7 years)

On this page you will find all the information about our VR Experiences!
Book now
Can I book events and / or outings at VR Gamehouse Arena?
This is certainly possible. Every month we host more than 100 company outings, bachelor parties, friends outings etc.

Use the contact form to request a quote or send an email to:
How long does an event last?
This depends on how big the group is. On average, an event lasts between 1,5 to 3 hours.
Up to how many people can I book a private event?
We organize events for up to 250 people.
Are drinks included in a private event?
Drinks can be bought A la Carte. We also have Open Bar packages.