VR Gamehouse

VRGAMEHOUSE's Philosophy
"It may surprise you that for us it is not even about Virtual Reality."
Mission Statement
At VR Gamehouse (VRGH) we do things differently. It may surprise you that for us it is not even about Virtual Reality. Our mission and reason for existence is that we give unique unforgettable social experiences together.

The keyword here is "together". In the end in this modern day and age people would like to connect with people. We understand this! We do this successfully by using the "VR" as a vehicle. The vehicle might even change in the future. Never our mission!

Team & Human Capital
In addition to the above we always go for the total experience and you will notice the moment you take the first step inside. Personal and authentic service is at the center of our existence and you can only get that if you attract and retain a good team. To achieve that it comes from within the organisation (business-culture) to the outward world. We also see our team as a big family, home away from home.

We see value in every individual member and, in addition to providing good benefits and fair salary, we also offer many training courses and career opportunities.

"VRGH has the vision and ambition to be the household brand throughout Europe"
In The Beginning there was ...
VRGH was founded in 2017 by Chris & Gosia in a small retail space in the heart of Amsterdam. With the help of our best friends, Kevin & Lukasz, VRGH got off the ground and soon became a huge success. Kevin & Lukasz put everything aside to form an indispensable part of the identity of
VR Gamehouse.

Our young and dynamic team has now grown to 25 individuals and this will certainly increase the coming years.

VRGH has the vision and ambition to be the household brand throughout Europe. When you think of Virtual Reality you first and foremost think of VRGH. We inspire make an impact in the world and be the market leader in the field of Virtual Reality.
Kevin Okoh
Born and raised in Amsterdam. Background in Finance and responsible for all of the operations and expansion.
Chris Elmendorp
Born in Amsterdam but also lived in Asia for 7 years. That's why you experience both of best worlds at VRGH
Gosia Sieduszewska
Born in Lublin, Poland moved to Amsterdam in 2012 and leads the finance department as well as our big team.
We make social virtual reality experiences affordable and fun for everyone. We mainly specialize in fully catered group events; company outings, friends outings, children's birthday parties, bachelor parties etc.

At the same time, we never cut back on quality and equipment.
We are proud that we provide the highest price / quality ratio coupled with ridiculously good service.