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Online Events

Meeting each other safely
Working from home is the new norm. We therefore offer the possibility to easily and safely meet your colleagues, business partners or friends from home.

We create premium virtual spaces in which presentations, meetings, coaching or live shows can be organized. These areas are accessible to groups of 30 to 250 people.

It's not all about the business aspect here. For example, it is also possible to organize virtual Christmas drinks or end-of-year events. We help with the entire programming and offer support before and during the event.

Events in VR
Fortunately, with the Online Events in Virtual Reality we can meet again safely, even with groups of up to 250 people.

In the virtual environment a lot is possible in addition to the usual presentations and meetings, there are also team building activities and fun games.

You can even dance together in the nightclub!

Custom virtual spaces
Together we create the virtual environments to your liking that enhances the social aspect.

Spaces that we create include:
o Characteristic theaters
o Brainstorm meeting rooms
o Team building game rooms
o Tropical islands
o Nightclubs
o Rooftops (e.g. in New York)

The Sky is the Limit!

Experience the future of virtual collaboration with our Online VR Event! The response to our Online VR Event has been phenomenal, with participants praising its ability to enhance collaboration, spark creativity, and create a sense of togetherness, regardless of physical distance. Embrace this cutting-edge technology and unlock a new level of success for your team.
Keune VR Innovation Day - Online VR Event
VR headset
delivered at home
A high-end VR Headset is your ticket to the virtual environment. This will be delivered to all participants with a return label.

The VR Headset is supplied Plug & Play by us and with a push of the "on" button and it is ready for use.

We arrange everything!
We offer a total package where you are completely unburdened.

We compile the complete programming based on your wishes.

We give online workshops, create a web page with instructional videos, information so that each participant is well prepared.

We also lead the event from start to finish. In short, we arrange everything!

Nice features
Create your own avatar
There are many possibilities to create an avatar the way you want to look.
Play fun games
Fun mini games can be played together at any time.
Take photos and videos
Everyone can take photos and videos of each other in the virtual environment.
Send emojis to each other
Sending emojis creates a fun interaction.
Have fun conversations
The supplied VR headsets have a built-in microphone and speakers so that you can chat with each other.
Travel around together
You can easily travel together through the premium worlds of the event.
Request a demo without obligation
We will contact you within 24 hours
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